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October 8, 2017
Congratulations to the Salt team as they defeated the Pepper team 18.5 to 8.5.
Players on the team were: N. Difabio, J. D'Orta, B. Schwartz, J. McKenna, L. Cassidy, J. Haas, W. Bevilacqua, J. McCairns, M.Ryan, M. Wells, P. Givey, B. Keown, J. Brooks, R. Wineberg, J. Seltzer, P. Nowyj, R. Barry, J. Mooney, H. Church, M. Harms, J. Scholz and P. Cornely.
CTP's: #4 Ryan, #6 Roman, #8 Harms, #17 Barry.
skins: #10 Brooks/Wineberg, #12 Stewart/Broadwater, #14 Barry/Mooney, #15 DiFabio/D'Orta, #17 McKenna/Schwartz
50/50 won by E. Brown

September 18, 2017
Congratulations to the team of Wayne Bevilacqua and Dan Klick Sr. in winning the CCPGA Better Ball match Championship.
The Bevilacqua/Klick team defeated Paul Nowyj and Bob Keown on the 19th hole.

August 26, 2017
Congratulations to Will DeGothseir in winning the Match Play Championship. Will defended his 2016 title with a 4+2 win over Rick Barry.

August 16, 2017
Congratulations to Greg Jarmas who won the 101st Pa Open at Gulph Mills GC. His 54 hole score of 16 under par with rounds of 67 - 64 - 66 = 197.

July 15, 2017
The Pro Shop/Temp Club house is now opened. A stocked Pro Shop and Snack Bar with seating for 30 people and 3 large screen TV are now there for the golfers for after the round.

May 30, 2017
Today we lost a long time Cobb's Cricker in Bob Prendergast. Bob fought a 2 year battle with cancer and he passed away this afternoon at 3pm. Bob will be missed by all that knew him.

May 8, 2017
The Cobb's Creek team won the BWM GAP Division D Section 4 title yesterday. The CCPGA team complied a 3-0 record against the teams from Wilmington CC, Sandy Run CC and Coatesville CC. Over the 3 week period the team won 124.5 points out of a 162 that were available.
The team was made up of the following players: R. Barry, CJ Bell, J, Brooks, H. Church, P. Cornely, B. Degnan, W. DeGothseir, M. Dutill, C. Evans, J. Haas, K. King, J. Loehrs, J. Mooney, P. Nowyj, M. Owsik, A. Repetto, D. Ritorto, F. Savarese, J. Scholz, B. Vogt Jr., and R. Wineberg.

February 7, 2017
CCPGA 2017 tournament schedule.
Sign up on this site or email 
Match play sign up - see Jack Scholz or email  
2017 CCPGA Schedule

4/1     Schamble – team event (a,b,c,d players) 
4/9     Masters Pick a Pro
  22    One Day Better Ball of Partners
4/23,30 5/7 BMW GAP Team matches – tee times 8AM at Cobbs – Away times tbd.
5/21    139 Team Event
6/3     2 Man Scramble (Net event 50% of combined handicaps - blind draw.
6/17+18 Harry Whitney Stroke Play championship – 36 holes Gross and Net Divisions
     18 US Open Pick a Pro
7/4     Red/White/Blue
7/15+16 Mid and Senior Am Championship 36 Holes Stroke Play
7/23    Open Championship Pick a Pro
7/30    Cobbleford 
8/13    PGA Pick a Pro
8/20    Calabash Stableford
9/3     167 Team Event
9/17    KaraCobb's Challenge - 36 holes stroke play Gross + Net 2 Man Scramble 
9/30+10/1 22nd Hugh Wilson Cup  
Events that could be scheduled are: Salt+Pepper; Mike/Bill's Wild Golf experience.

December 1, 2016
Cobbs Creek GC has been accepted as a full member of the Golf Association of Philadelphia. 
For those people housing their handicap and playing a fair amount of their golf with the CCPGA, 
at Cobbs Creek GC,  they will have full access to the GAP events,
pending approval of the Golf Committee.
Cost to hold your handicap through the CCPGA for 2017 will be $50.

September 25 2016
Individual match Play Championship
Will DeGothseir defeats Paul Nowyj on the 19th hole.

August 29, 2016
The Better Ball of Partners Match Play Championship
Jim McCairns/Andrew Repetto defeat Bob Keown/Paul Nowjy 1 up

July 31, 2016
Tournament of Champions Field - Date to be schedule (9/10 or 11 or 17 or 18)
Gross Players: J. Loehrs, M. Owsik, K. Turner, W. DeGothseir
Net Players: J. Seltzer, J. Haas, B. Zecca, P. Cornely

July 4, 2016
Today we held the Red/White/Blue tee rotation. 
With 32 players and the last 2 groups consisting of the young guns or the BOMBERS only 1 player was able to break par. Scott McNeil posted a 1 under 70 to defeat Mike Owsik by 1.
Bob Keown coming off a recent health issue posted a 76 with 13 strokes for a net 63.
What was great to see is the 4 players, (McNeil, Loehrs, Turner and Siden) recently played in the GAP Am event at Merion on June 13th. 
Kevin Turner won the 50/10 at $105
For the highlights see events under 2016.

All of the Cobbs Creek Team match players were sad to hear of the passing of Steve Owens of JF. Byrnes GC. Steve was key par to creating the PPGA team matches back in 2000. RIP Steve!

June 25 2016
John Brooks makes his first hole in one in his long standing career at Cobbs Creek GC. It was on the 4th hole from 133 yards with an 8 iron. In the group was W. Bevilacqua, R. Barry and P. Cornely. 
The Ace pool paid out $310. Congratulations to John!!!!

Sunday October 4 we completed the Hugh Wilson Cup for the 19th years.
John Brooks' team defeated Rick Barry's team 13 to 11.
The winning team received $20 a person.
The Brooks team with Stone color hats clinched the match with Cieri/Bevilacqua team gain 1 1/2 points in the 7 match of the day. At one point the Brooks/Stone team had a 9 to 2 lead. But the Barry/Navy team fought back to make the match close.
The 50/50 was won by Jeff Brodsky worth $175.
Jane Klick had a GREAT lunch for the players after the round. 
Great job by Dan Klick selling 50/50's
Great season and hope that 2016, Cobbs 100 years in existence will be kind to all of us.

Sunday August 2nd completed the 2nd round of the 2 course tournament event
Here are the final results:
Gross for two days: Karakung GC as 1st score , Cobbs Creek as the 2nd score
Gross scores:
R. Barry      - 147  $35  (72 -75)
P. Cornely    - 150  $20  (77 -73) 
F. Sacchetta  - 156       (78 -78)  
B. Schwartz   - 157       (78 -79)
J. Durante    - 158       (74 -84)
J. Brooks     - 161       (79 -82) 
M. Harms      - 163       (78 -85)
M. Wells      - 165       (81 -84)
P. Givey      - 167       (78 -89)
H. Curran     - 168       (86 -82)
J. Haas       - 169       (84 -85)

Net Scores:
B. Schwartz   - 132  $35  (65 -67)
R. Barry      - 137       (65 -70)
J. Durante    - 138  $20  (64 -74)
M. Wells      - 141
J. Haas       - 141
P. Cornely    - 142
P. Givey      - 143
H. Curran     - 144
J. Brooks     - 145

CTP's - Each worth $18
#4 -  Jay Loehrs
#6 -  Rick Barry
#8 -  Jay Loehrs
#17 - Jay Loehrs

Skins: $28
#8 with  2 F. Sacchetta
#10 with 2 G. Jarmas worth 2 skins
#14 with 4 J. Haas 

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May 5, 2015 - Congratulations to our Cobbs Creek Team. They won back the Terracciano Cup on Sunday defeating the team 
from Twin Ponds. The final score was 30.5 to 23.5. 

April 27, 2015 - We were informed on Saturday that Fred Evors, 73 years old, passed away on 
Wednesday the 22nd. 
Fred was a true southern gentleman. Long time member of the CCPGA, starter at the 1st tee on 
Tuesdays mornings and Sunday afternoon. 
April 8, 2015
Pick a Pro Series
Saturday April 11th will be round one of the 4 Pick a Pro Series. These tournaments will be held on the Saturday of the 4 Major PGA Tour Championships. 
Round one is Masters Saturday. From the players that make the cut you will pick a player that will play in the 3rd round of the Masters, or which ever major is being held at the time. That players score and your Net score will be combined and the person with the lowest score will win. entry fee is $5 Also, we will conduct the normal "sheet game - entry fee is $10" and the low Net and Low Gross winner will qualify for the Tournament of Champions to be conducted in September. In case of ties for each of these the USGA method will be used to break the tie. (USGA rule book page 144 Rule 10C - last nine holes, last 6 holes, last 3, last hole. If still tied use the same formula for the front nine.)

January 26, 2015
The CCPGA committee met on Sunday the 25th. The people that have volunteered to help out for the coming season are: John Brooks, Jerry Harrington, Jack Scholz, Brian Degnan, Pat Givey, Paul Nowyj, Hank Church, CJ Bell, Jason Loehrs and Paul Cornely.

We have added a few new items to this year's events. We will have a Mid-Am and Senior Championship - 36 hole stroke play with gross and net divisions. Mid-Am is 25 to 49 and Senior is 50+ yrs old.

Also, with our Pick a Pro Major series we will have both gross and net winners. The 8 winners will meet in a Grand Slam Championship in September on either the 13th or 20th. 

Cost for Handicaps for 2015 will be $25. We will continue to run the 50/50's at each event.

We hope to continue our matches against the Pepper team, our North vs. South - Juniata and to start one against McCall.

We will have a team in the PPGA Terracciano Cup matches. 

November 10, 2014
Bill and Mike's Wild Golfing experience was held on Sunday the 9th. Dan Harms team and Scott McNeil/Kurt McClellan team each shot 95. 
The Harms team won the match of cards with an 18 on the # 1 handicap hole the 14th hole on the car, our real number 12.
Charlie Evans won the CTP on #4.
Jim Wallace won the longest putt on #17.
In the Chinese Auction the follwing won these items:
Frank Saverese - Foursome at Frog Hollow
Wayne Bevilacqua - Foursome at ValleyBrook GC
Jim Bannon - Foursome at ValleyBrook GC
Jim Wallace - FootJoy golf shoes
Hank Church - Foursome at Buck Club
Jim Bannon - Calloway Golf Bag
Jerry Haas - Foursome at Rancocas GC.

We raised over $4,000 for in memory of our friend Darren Gleason. His wife Dawn is very appreciative of the generosity.

Charlie Evans won the 1 club beer 2 hole challenge. He played the 1st and 2nd hole with his hybrid in 8 strokes.
The others that took part were LJ, the Horse, Jay Lo, Kurt, Scottie, KT, and PJC. 

October 24, 2014
Darren Gleason, a long time Cobbs Creek player, has passed away at the age of 41. Big D RIP!

September 14, 2014
Cobbs Creek PPGA defeated the Juniata GA in the 1st North vs. South match.
The final score was 34.5 to 15.5
The CTP's each worth $47 were:
#4 - Seltzer/Durante 2' 4"
#6 - Mike Fox Joe Ski 10' 
#8 - Kilbride/Snyder 21' 2"
#17- Clemens/Clark 5'

Scats worth $56 per team
#6 - Church/Cornely with a 2
#14 - Bell/Gleason with a 4
#15 - Clark/Clemens with a 3
#17 - Clark/Clemens with a 2
#18 - Bell/Gleason with a 3

The 50/50 was won by Bob Prendergast worth $120

September 8, 2014
Congratulations to John McKenna and Brian Schwartz for winning the Better Ball of Partners match play championship.
They defeated the team of Jerry Harrington and Jason Loehrs.

Congratulations to John McKenna in winning the Individual Match Play Championship. John defeated Jay Loehrs 1up.

August 28, 2014
The CCPGA will host the Juniata Golf Association in a 1 day Ryder Cup match. This will be held on Sunday Sept. 14. 
The tee times will start at 7AM. 
The format will be 3 six hole matches with (2 person scramble, Select Drive Alt Shot and Fourball).
We will have CTP's and Scatts and a team bet.

August 24, 2014
The Hugh Wilson cup Weekend is being moved to Sept 20 + 21, 2014.

Congratulations to the following teams that played in the PPGA Donald Ross BB at Jeffersonville on 8/23+24.
Darren Gleason/Kevin Turner 68-73 = 141 T5 in for the overall all event.
Mike Harms/A. Jessup 69-71 = 141 T2 in Senior division
Jay Loehrs/Kurt McClellan 73-74 = 147
Charlie Evans/Dom Basiano 77-76 = 153 - 1st in 2nd flight
Jay Nawn/Bill Vogt Jr 76-79 = 155

August 6, 2014
Congratulations to Jay Loehrs for winning the PPGA Mid AM, 3 under par 67.

The PGA Pick a Pro event for Sunday is cancelled. 

July 29, 2014
Congratulations go out to Scott McNeil for qualifying for the USGA Mid Am. Shot 2 under 70 at Bidermann Gc, played the last 4 holes 4 under par. He will compete for the Mid Am championship on Sept 6 to 11 at Saucon Valley CC, Bethlehem, Pa.  The event is FREE, no ticket is required. For more details see the USGA web site. 
This is the 1st time in my memory that Cobbs has snet 2 different people to the USGA national championships. 
Way to represent Scott and Jay!!! 

July 18, 2014
Greg Jarmas recently turn Professional. He started his Pro career on the E Golf Tour.
In his 1st event the Southern Open in North Carolina his scores and earnings were:  +3 (70+66+74+74= 284) for $1,020.00 

In his 2nd event the Cabarrus Classic in North Carolina his score and earnings were: -1 (71+71+73= 215) for $1,075.00 
He will be playing in the Bangor Open in Bangor Maine, then the Maine Open, then the New Hampshire Open and to compelte the summer the Pa Open at York CC in York, Pa

June 28, 2014 - Salt + Pepper Final results

Salt defeats Pepper - $20 to each winning team member
Salt 22.5 to Pepper 7.5

CTP's $40 each
#4 Tic 7' 7"
#6 Marcy Hurt 5' 8" 
#8 Andre Wilson 1 '
#17 Leo Cassidy 6' 5"

Skins: $40 each
#2 - George Butler 3
#4 - Charlie Evans 2
#5 - Rick Barry 3
#10 - Mike Harms 3
#15 - Steve Harrington 3
#16 - Fran Sacchetta 3 

June 26th 
Jim Durante made a hole in 1 on #5 of Karakung with his son Jim as a witness.

Congrats to Jason Loehrs for qualifying for the final USGA Publinks National Championship. 
The event is July 14th through the 19th at Sand Creek Station Golf Course in Newton, Kansas. 
Jason had a 36 hole total of 70-73 = 143 at Rolling Green CC. That put him in a 3 players for 1 spot playoff.
He won the playoff on the 3rd extra hole with a birdie 3. 
He was assisted in the playoff by Scott McNeil. 
Best of luck in Kansas!!!!

*****See our Facebook page - Cobbs Creek Publinks Golf Club*****
June 2014

*Congrats to winners Mike Owsik & Rick Wineberg (Sr. Champions -145) & Bob Zecca & Skip Miller ("A" Flight Match Play Bracket) at this years (PPGA) Philadelphia 3 Day Better Ball Championship.
May 2014

*Congrats to Mike Harms who had his first hole-in-one at Ramblewood on 5/29.
*Club Championships are in progress - see full scoring on
*Entrance fees are past due.
*Good luck to teams competing in the PPGA Better Ball June 6,7,8.
January 2014

*USGA Handicap via the GHIN systems. The cost to have your handicap for the 2014 season will be $25, the price increased at the GAP level. 
You will have until April 1, 2014 to pay your fee or the handicap will be inactive.

October 2013

***Scott McNeil wins the 2013 Match Play Championship 1UP over CJ Bell (2nd Place).  Loehrs & Schwartz finish t-3rd.

***John Brooks & Dennis Cieri win the 2013 Better-Ball Match Play Championship 5&4 over 
John Shimony & Bill Vogt, Jr. (2nd Place).  Bradley & McNeil and Zecca & Barry finish t-3rd.  

*For a full list of Club Champions, see History page.

*Congrats to JLo who recently carded an ace on #4 with a 9iron.

*Team Harrington Capt by Jerry Harington won the 17th Hugh Wilson Cup with a final score of 27 to 23 over team Dan Klick. It was a GREAT  2 day event caped by Sunday',s lunch provided by Pattie Carmichael, Nick Venditto and John McKenna's Carolina pulled Pork which was to die for!!!  

*Thanks to all for a GREAT season. We give thanks to the Pro Shop/First tee/Cart barn staff for all of their support and help.
*The Superintendent Revenge is Hopefully to be played on Sunday November 3rd. Starting time to be will be scheudled.
September 2013 

June 2013

Here's a link to the story in the Star Ledger June 16th
relative to Merion and the US Open:

Got Turtle Soup (and an umbrella)?

Cobbs Creek featured on Morning Drive (Golf Channel) June 10th related to US Open at Merion and restoration.

Members volunteering at the US Open /Merion: John Brooks, Jeff Brodsky, Dennis Cieri, Hank Church, Paul Cornely, 
Mike Harms, Jerry Harrington, Joe McCullough and Andrew Repetto. 

Thus far, no Merion members have volunteered for any of our Events...

Please sign-up for the Harry Whitney - Stroke Play Club Championship played June 22nd & 23rd.

Congrats to JLo for qaulifying for the Philadelphia Am.

April 2013

The Cobbs Creek PPGA Team won the Terracciano Cup for the 5th time in 7 years.  Dynasty?
The final score was Cobbs Creek 56.5 /Jeffersonville 51.5 & Kimberton 36.

139 - See Events /Results

Greg Jarmas won the Ivy League- Individual Championship at Caves Valley in Maryland with rounds of 71, 72 & 70 for a total of 143 and a 3 shot victory.  
His teammates at Princeton held on for the team championship. With the victory they advanced 
to the NCAA regionals.

139 was held on Saturday April 20th. The weather was cold and windy. Par was a good score. The Par 3's were tough to handle. 

The results are under events and results.  Our next event is Beat the Pro in May.  The Cobbs Creek Team will play for the Terraccino 
Cup on Sunday, April 28th.

Got Green Jacket?

Better Ball***Match Play Championship - Qualifying
Two-man teams pair up (on their own).  This is a NET event /100% handicap.  Qualify 
by May 19th NO EXCEPTIONS.  Qualifying score will place you in the bracket.  Bracket 
released on Monday, May 20th.  Tournament will run thru summer with Championship Match played
by late August /mid September.
March 2013

Shamble Tournament - See Events /Results 


CTP Sweep - No winner in 2012 - $20 entry fee paid-in full to be eligible for new entrants.  
A vote decided existing entrants would not re-up.  First player to win ALL CTP's during the same round 
wins the entire pot.  Olde Course ONLY on weekends, holidays, tournaments or other specifically stated 
by the committee.  There is a seven (7) player minimum field requirement.  Entry fee valid from 1/1-12/31/13.
Ace Club - No winner in 2012 - $20 entry fee paid-in full to be eligible for new entrants.  
A vote decided existing entrants would not re-up.  First player to make a HOLE IN ONE wins the entire pot.  
Olde Course & Karakung ONLY on weekends, holidays, tournaments or other (i.e., group takes trip to away course) 
specifically stated by the committee.  There is NO minimum field requirement. Entry fee valid from 1/1-12/31/13.

Entrance fees paid to Jack Scholz.

Contact Jeff Brodsky, Director Golf-Week-Am-Tour (Philly Metro) if interested in Golf Am events or membership.

The 2013 PPGA schedule has been released (see link at bottom of page).  Two events are contested on
the Olde Course, the Philadelphia Better-Ball Championship, June 7-9th & the Philadelphia Open-Am 
Championship, July 12-14th.

Thanks to John Brooks and Paul Cornely for booking weekly tee-times and email confirmations.
February 2013

Watch the Latest "Rules of Golf Explained" Videos

Members may keep their handicap at Cobbs Creeks thru the CCPGC.  The 2013 fee is $20 (unchanged from 2012).
If interested, the deadline is April 1st or your handicap will default to Inactive Status.

Payment options:
1)Drop $20 in envelope at Pro Shop counter ATTENTION: Paul Cornely or
2)Mail Paul Cornely 1309 Wyngate Road,  Wynnewood, PA 19096. Checks payable to Paul Cornely
(note handicap fee in the memo).

See EVENTS for the 2013 Tournament Schedule.  Our 1st event is March 30th, Florida Shamble - same format at 
last year with 2 best balls of 4.  Sign up deadline is March 23, 2013.

Tournament Entry Fees: 
All events will have a $10 entry fee; exceptions are Stroke Play Championship and the Hugh Wilson Cup which
are two day events and are $20.  There is also a $10 CTP /Scats ($20 for two day events) which is mandatory for
Team events and at the player's discretion for individual events.

For information on Golf Rates and Season Passes see Kevin Morita, General Manager in the shop or visit:
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